Community Relations

Inomin’s objective is to create positive impacts in every community we operate. 

We believe our activities can assist communities create better lives for its members.

Our values and objectives:

  1. Open, respectful, honest dialogue
  2. Genuine desire to positively impact people’s lives
  3. Mutually beneficial project development
  4. Protection of the environment
  5. Creation of new economic opportunities

Responsible exploration and development is a commitment our company is built upon. Our desire is to make every community we touch a better place primarily through development projects that provide work, and training opportunities, as well as health services.

In 2021 we provided washable protective face masks to local communities in Oaxaca, Mexico to help protect people from Covid-19.

As a shareholder you are supporting our efforts to make positive social, health, and economic contributions to communities.


2020 Day of the Dead Kelowna Fund Raiser
2020 Kelowna Oaxaca Fund Raiser