Gold and Critical Minerals Stock Information

Inomin Mines Inc. trades on the TSX-V under the symbol MINE

Stock Symbol: MINE
Stock Exchange Listing: TSXV

Junior Mining Stocks Offer Tremendous Leverage to Commodity Prices

For investors seeking exceptional leverage to rising commodity prices – like the current trend in many critical minerals and precious metals – junior mining stocks offer among the best options. Gains are provided in multiple ways including: 1) ownership in projects of target commodities, 2) mineral discoveries, 3) delineation of resources, 4) start of mining, and 5) acquisition of new prospective mineral properties.

In bull markets for gold and critical minerals, junior miners can provide very high investment exposure to such commodities as small companies typically respond much greater to positive sector or corporate developments than major miners. This is simply as a result of companies respective sizes. A significant acquisition or mineral discovery will impact a junior’s value far more than a large miner. Thus a small exploration company can easily see its share price increase 2 to 10 times in value on positive news – often immediately.

Many successful resource investors seek good, small companies (under $10 million market capitalization) for greater upside. They focus on trends and changes, understanding the impact on stocks. Smart money also often invests before small companies get on the radars of analysts, brokers, and institutional investors. By staying in the know, investors can find gems well ahead of the herd.

The Trend is Your Friend

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates the demand for critical minerals will increase six-fold by 2040. This surge is largely driven by worldwide iniatives to decarbonize to reduce global warming and rising pollution.        To capitalize on the tremendous growth for critical minerals, as well as increasing demand for precious metals, Inomin (TSXV: MINE) is focused on magnesium-nickel-cobalt and gold-silver projects that are prospective for hosting significant deposits.

Mountains of Gold

In Mexico, the La Gitana and Pena Blanca gold-silver properties display excellent potential to host considerable near-surface, gold and silver resources. Drilling for instance at the La Gitana deposit includes an outstanding discovery intercept of 133.5 meters (438 feet) of 1.78 g/t gold and 100.7 g/t silver.  Gold and silver mineralization is prevalent throughout the hilltop – literary a "mountain of gold".

Critical Minerals – the New Gold in a Greening World

In south-central British Columbia, Canada, MINE owns the large Beaver critical minerals (magnesium-nickel-cobalt) project. Beaver is an advanced exploration project where the company's drilling has discovered significant intervals (250 metres) of near-surface, magnesium, nickel, and cobalt mineralization. The property is ideally located near two base metal mines, hydro-electricity, and paved roads, offering an infrastructure-rich, truly green, exploration-development opportunity.